Well, I have been wanting to blog for awhile now, but never new how. So welcome to my first blog. My business tagline is: create. inspire. impact.  Today I am going to blog about Inspire.

Living in the country setting, allows me to view beautiful landscapes, and natural art. It inspires me as sit at my Mac, at the bay window designing for my clients. My son took the photo on the below out our back door, it is amazing.


As I battle the cold winter months (counting down for spring), I got to experience god’s gift of snow, our family barn sits across the street…it was snowing really hard and captured these two photos.

barnsnow   barn

These photos inspired my 11 year old daughter as she used it to paint the following image below.


It is not finished yet, but to me it is amazing my 11 year old did this! I know she is talented…but wow. (and yes she did it all by herself) I have been blessed for my parents to move near us and she has been taking art lessons with my mother for over 2 years now. I am so pleased with her progress and ability to be inspired by a photo. ( Don’t worry, I will repost the final painting when it is done.)

As a graphic artist, and a martial artist, I know I inspire others, but I am inspired every day by everything…nature, artwork and people. Today I ask you to be inspired, by anything. Then go and inspire others!